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SocialMediaInternet.com is based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in Social Media Marketing over the Internet !

We can (and do) provide Services in-person or electronically (via Internet), to Companies and Organisations worldwide.

Our company principal, Carl Holden has over 15 years of Internet Marketing experience. Carl is now regarded as an internet marketing veteran, and  has a unique combination of life experiences and skills, that have combined together for this very necessary work with the Internet, Computers and Applications.

He has over 3 decades of experience - doing, observing and training; from Aviation to Audio & Radio Communications to Computing - and since 1995, Internet. Working with People and Machines - and their interactions and what makes them 'tick' for marketing.

One of his most significant self learning experiences was having actively worked "hands on" in the role of Chief Flying Instructor, carrying out training from Basic Ab-Initio (Student) to Advanced Instructor/Chief Flying Instructor level. He also currently trains and Coaches Internet & Computer "Users" from a wide range of ages - specialising in those over 35 & Mature age who did not have Computer technology exposure during their formative years.

From this unique perspective, he is easily able to understand and relate to the way "Users" think and operate, carry out research to validate (or otherwise) client's projects and train "Users" (when necessary) to understand or do their own 'work around' complex tasks with the technology - at the "Users" standard of ability.

At age 58 (and a bit), he still sees that keeping things "straightforward, simple and practical for the average person" holds true today as it did in 1970 when he took the controls during his first flight.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same".

SocialMediaInternet.com operates through our related company, Holden Dynamics Pty Ltd, ABN 44 003 265 861, that holds Defence Contractor designation Z03G2








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